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Here at Depot Farm and Ranch Agency, we are proud to offer all policies available through Diversified Crop Insurance Services and Crop Risk Services. In addition, we are happy to provide our customers with one on one Farm and Ranch Consulting, and Aerial Imaging and Mapping. Learn more about our services below.

Crop & Drought Insurance

Farm & Ranch Consulting

Aerial Imaging & Mapping

From risk, revenue and yield protection to the rain advantage rainfall index, we have the coverage to suit your needs. 

As farmers and ranchers themselves, our agents know what it takes to keep you and your crops protected.

Let us help you get a birds eye view of your farm or ranch with our aerial imaging and mapping services.

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Contact us today to schedule a visit to your farm or ranch!

Aerial Imaging & Mapping

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Download the Depot Rainfall App to have access to your up-to-date Rainfall Index on your mobile device! Includes access to Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF), Annual Forage (AF) and Apiculture (API) policies. The mobile app is available FREE of charge for all Depot customers.

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